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Upcoming activity

- 18/10/2017-4/3/2018 Solo exhibition "Fire House Sky Table Flower" at The Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch. The Netherlands.
- 04/2017 Solo exhibition at Gallery Rob Koudijs. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
- 06/2017 Solo exhibition at Gallery Reverso. Lisabon. Portugal.
- 07/2017 Workshop at Simposio en Construcción II. Colombia.
- 08/2017 Exhibition Koru 6. Imatra. Finland.


"Leaf on the tree" workshop at Paris College of Art. 21-22/10/2016.
Sun Marc Monzo


CHP...? Jewelry Exhibition at Museo Franz Mayer. Mexico City. 05/8-02/10/2016.
Sun Marc Monzo


Exhibition "La Rhétorique du Lobe" at Gallery Viceversa. Lausanne. Switzerland.
Sun Marc Monzo


Exhibition "Moon" at Gallery Deux Poissons. Tokyo. Japan. 25/03-10/04/2016
Sun Marc Monzo

Marc Monzó recieves Françoise van den Bosch award 2016.
"On the 1st of November the jury of the Françoise van den Boch award 2016 announced that Marc Monzó is the new award winner. The Spanish jewellery maker Marc Monzó (1973) is well known for his clear and intelligent jewellery designs. The jury praises his capacity to reduce jewellery to its essence, meanwhile remaining poetic, elegant and playful. The award ceremony will take place in more than a year.

The jury consisted of: Sophie Hanagarth (winner Françoise van den Bosch award 2014), Herman Hermsen (Professor Design Hochschule Düsseldorf), David Huycke (Associate Professor at PXL-MAD Hasselt), Ineke Heerkens (jewellery designer) and Liesbeth den Besten on behalf of the Foundation)."


Exhibition "From here and there. Where it all begins". Burg Giebichenstein University of Art. Halle. Germany. 12 November 2015 - 3 January2016.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo


Exhibition "Blank" at Gallery Klimt02. Barcelona.
10th June - 10th July 2015.
Blank is a collection of objects open to interpretation, entities straddling two states. They generate dialogue between a noble material, gold, and a bare appearance, with no finish: pieces made from  industrially produced gold sheets bent into shape, assembled and welded. The objects strike a fragile balance, but are clear and sincere at the same time. They are almost prototypes, produced through the minimum amount of operations. They have been made by hand, with virtually no tools, as if without technique or craftsmanship, with no desire to control. They display their limitations, the difficulties involved in their manufacture, their adjustments and corrections.
Their shape does not lie or conceal; it reflects a procedure, a way of working. They are the record of the operations to which they have been subjected, the memory of what has happened to them. They look as if they have been made quickly, as if absent-mindedly, in an embryonic form; yet in fact they embody a life of patience, learning and dedication.
David Steegman

Sun Marc Monzo

Exhibition "Art Jewelry Today" at the Mitsubishi Art Museum of Fukuoka. Japan.
17th January - 1st March 2015.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo



Clear Pink collection for Unión Suiza. Pink coral from the Pacific Ocean, diamonds and platinum.
Sun Marc Monzo



Sun Marc Monzo



"New Pearl Uwajima" exhibition at Pass The Baton Omotesando. Tokyo. 4th - 28th September.
Sun Marc Monzo



"Brick Lane Summer Exhibition". Gallery So. London. 3 July - 3 August.
David Clarke, Leo Fitzmaurice, Christian Gonzenbach, Marian Hoskings, Kimiaki Kageyama, Sally Marsland, Marc Monzo, Hans Stofer, Warwick Freeman.
Sun Marc Monzo


1'0, a project for Santa & Cole. Exhibited at AOO. Barcelona.

The jeweller Marc Monzó has elaborated a series of pieces around HEADHAT lighting system by Santa & Cole.
HEADHAT system, designed by the Santa & Cole Team, is a flexible set of hanging lamps with shades (Hats) of differing sizes and materials that give multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head), forming a simple system with a minimalist and flexible design that gives great warmth to LED lighting. Its interchangeable, modular components and technology make this a product with a long life cycle and easy to recycle. HEADHAT fosters good heat dissipation, a lighting experience without glare and is straightforward for users to set up.
After a selection of materials from Santa & Cole headquarters in Parc de Belloch, Monzó performs the hole of union, the wastage which he uses afterwards to create jewels.
Sun Marc Monzo



Hoop. Silver & glass. 2008.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

"111-119 Generalísimo/Castellana" is the title of the next exhibition of Patricia Esquivias at Gallery Murray Guy in New York. In this exhibition will be shown a group of works done in collaboration with Marc Monzó. 12 June – 26 July, 2014
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

A Wall brooch is now part of the CODA Museum collection. Apeldoorn. Netherlands.

Sun Marc Monzo

The Fire brooch is featured at the new Art Aurea magazine and the book New Old Silver Gold.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo



Exhibition "Wall" at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam.11/01-22/02/2014.

In his work Marc Monzó tries to capture the essence of things. He limits himself to simple interventions and singular actions; in the process curiosity and amazement compete for priority. How do materials behave, what changes during their processing? What is the effect of applying certain shapes and finishes?
For his 'Wall' brooches Monzó saws copper sheet into small rectangles and reunites them using silver solder. The process of destruction and assembling is no superfluous endeavour: 1 plus 1 becomes 3. The pattern that appears refers to archetypical masonry, and in reaction, a whole range of elementary architectual shapes emerge. The images call forth images, and so a basic intervention opens a shutter in the brain and stimulates our imagination.
Monzó reflects on the essence of jewellery. The future owner of a piece can enjoy joining in with the process and, while wearing it, the onlookers can also participate. It isn't the artists principal goal to decorate, but rather to investigate and enhance our world.

Ward Schrijver
(© Galerie Rob Koudijs)

Sun Marc Monzo

Lecture at MAD-Faculty. Belgium. 5th of November at 7pm.
Sun Marc Monzo



The collection of vertical proportion volumes of plastic and the Sun pendants are featured in the new book "Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective". Lark Books.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo



A group of earrings are featured in the new book "New Earrings". Thames & Hudson.
Sun Marc Monzo



Bottle design for Morro Fi vermouth label.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo




The B,W necklace will be exhibited at the exhibition "10th Anniversary" at GalleryDeux Posissons in Tokyo. Japan. From the 26th of April to the 12th of May.
Sun Marc Monzo



A group of pieces will be shown at the exhibition "New Edition" at Gallery Funaki in Melbourne. Australia. From the 23rd of April to the 18th of May.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo



Necklace made using plastic parts of Tast company products.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo



Sun Marc Monzo



A group of works will be shown at the exhibition "Unexpected Pleasures" at the Design Museum of London. From the 5th of December to the 3rd of March 2013.



Vase made for Apparatu.
Sun Marc Monzo



Exhibition "10 Happy PE/AH" at O'Jewel in Tokyo from the 16th of October to the 9th of November.
Sun Marc Monzo


Pencil holder made in alabaster. Shown at the exhibition "Pèl i Ploma. objectes errats" at la Sala Vinçon. Barcelona.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo


11/07/2012-08/9/2012 Exhibition "PÈL i PLOMA. objectes errats". David Bestué & Marc Monzó. La Sala Vinçon. Barcelona. Spain.
Sun Marc Monzo


New Marc Monzó Online Shop.


New Half Wedding Ring. 18k Gold.
Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

Sun Marc Monzo

From now on you can find Marc Monzó's works at Openhouse in Barcelona.



From now on represented in the Netherlands by Gallery Rob Koudijs.


The object "Mirror1" will be presented on the 5th of February at the exhibition "Candles and Mirrors" at the Gallery Sofie Lachaert in Belgium. "Mirror1" is made by two identical pieces of 26x18cm.
Sun Marc Monzo

From now on represented in Hong Kong by Hammer Gallery.



A group of works including the "Sun" pendants will be shown at the exhibition "Jewellery Unleashed", curated by Liesbeth Den Besten, at the Museum of Modern Art of Arnhem. The Netherlands. From the 5th of November to the 5th of February.
Sun Marc Monzo

By Marc Monzó



Piece for the exhibition "Pin" at Experimenta Design in Lisbon. Portugal. From the 28th of September to the 27th of November. The materials are steel and tin.
pin Marc Monzo



Exhibition at Gallery OONA in Berlin, from the 2nd of July to the 13th of August . The opening will be 2nd of July at 18h.
2lines Marc Monzo


The "Big Solitaire Brooch" will be shown at the Chi Ha Paura...? exhibition during the international gold fair in Vicenza, Italy. From the 21st of May to the 21st of June. The exhibition will be accompanied by a new CHP book, published by Electa.
plastic Marc Monzo



AXIS magazine, June 2011 Vol.151, features the "2 Lines" rings and the next exhibtion "18kt Drawings" at Gallery Deux Poissons starting the 3rd of June in Tokyo, Japan.
Big Solitaire Marc Monzo



The "Plastic Sticks" necklace and two brooches, part of the collection Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, are currently on view in the exhibition "Making Histories: Changing Views of the Collection" at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
plastic Marc Monzo



Marc Monzó is taking part in the exhibition "Jewels 2F2M" at Droog Las Vegas. USA.
19th May-5th September.
big solitaire Marc Monzo

droog Marc Monzo

The exhibition "18kt Drawings" at Gallery Deux Poissons in Tokyo has been moved to the 03/06/2011.
white form Marc Monzo

The "Sun" pendants are featured in the new book "Thought Up In Barcelona 2". ACTAR.Cordill Marc Monzo

Cordill Marc Monzo

Interview for NOOVO Editions.
Cordill Marc Monzo
Picture by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre.

Marc´s jewellery appears as a modest rejection of the ordinary: the only way to stimulate the mind, questioning values and preconceived ideas. To carry on hopes.

Who is Marc Monzó, exactly?
Marc Monzó is exactly a man born the 16th of July of 1973 in Barcelona.

You started studying Jewellery from your interest in the scale of action that the medium offered you and not for the ornamental character for itself, what were you looking for?
In 1992 I viisted the Escola Massana which is the Arts and Crafts school of Barcelona. I wanted to study Craft but I was not sure which one to choose so I had a look to all the classes. I will always remember when I came in the jewellery class. I saw lots of people putting their attention to small objects, working with small precise tools. I had no doubt that I should study there.

Is there any fact that has masked your vision of Jewellery? 

At the beginning of my career I was doing objects. Small elements that were not related to the body. In 1996 I saw an exhibition by Karl Fritsch and the exhibition "Ouroboros" by Ruudt Peters. This experience changed my perception about the Craft. Many prejudices were dissolved. Suddenly I realized that jewelry could be a valid support to express oneself in freedom. Also the technical limits that jewelry have fitted  with my needs

Do you remember your first jewellery piece?, What does it mean for you and in what sense was your first step?, Do you still have it?
Yes, is a piece called "The Half Ring". I still have it. Was my first approach to jewelry. Is half ring of gold. The fact that is incomplete interests me. I have some of this early works. Sometimes I have the sensation that when I am working I am looking for those experiences that I had doing these first works. I recognize in them something that I can't explain but that is important for me. There is a root in those elements.

At what point your pieces reveal different autobiographic aspects and, in what sense are you worried about the interaction with the wearer?
My jewelry is about jewelry, about matter, about the nature of objects. My pieces are not narrative but of course autobiographic.
I use the craft to ritualize my life. The craft provides me a way to observe the world, to be here.
To be honest I don't think too much in the wearer in terms of that I work for a specific kind of person. My jewelry can be worn by men or women, a kid or a grandmother.

Universe of the tiny things has a special attraction for you; in fact, it defines part of your work, but the magnificence too. How do you combine these apparently opposite terms?
Since my childhood I've felt  attracted by small objects. I collected all kind of small elements. I feel comfortable exploring and studding small size things. There is also a need to be precise in this action. This precision interests me.
The idea of living in a planet that is floating in the middle of the universe is scary for me. I consider my obsession to small elements a reflection of such a fear.

Could you explain what is the main concept behind your discourse?
My work represents an exercise for me. Maybe I am more interested in the experience of making jewellery that in the jewelry itself. It is important that the pieces represent this idea.
Even sometimes I see my jewellery as a residue of an activity, of a way of observing.

A lot of your pieces are made of noble and traditional materials as gold, but you have a special feeling with plastic. Plastic is one of your favorite materials, why are you so enthusiastic about it?
Plastic has some qualities I appreciate. It has fantastic colors, is very light and strong and has a warm contact with the skin. I like the banal nature of plastic. A material that is around daily. These characteristics makes me work with plastic, as a material I consider valuable.
For some years I've been working with parts of found plastic elements. Now technology allows to create plastic pieces at low costs, like the White Form pendants which are made of printed nylon.

How important are the materials in order to express yourself through your jewellery work?
I am not a designer. I mean I don't make drawings or design things before making them. I just work directly with material. There is a playful relationship with matter which I consider important. I work with my hands.

In terms of creation, what kind of influences have other artistic disciplines- such as Photography, Fashion, Literature, Architecture, etc-  you may consider?
I studied music, flute and trumpet. I like the immaterial nature of music. In the workshop I always listen to music, it represents a bridge to focus in the work in a certain way. My work is very influenced by music and sound.

Most of the people which are dedicated to work in the field of Contemporary Jewellery know about it means but there is a difference between Contemporary Jewellery and Jewellery. How would you establish such difference for a general public?
I don't like the term Contemporary Jewellery. I don't really know what does it mean. I do jewellery. I consider myself a jeweller. I don't think there are many differences between me and a jeweller from the past century. We both use the craft in very similar ways. Maybe the only difference is that we work in different contexts.

To conclude, your beauty addiction?


Article in the magazine Oficio y Arte nº114 about "Crafts & Luxury" by Gloria Bonet.
Rings "2 lines" made in 18kt gold. 2011.
Cordill Marc Monzo

The "Cordill Collection" is presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Room, 31st Jan-2nd Feb. This collection is made of palm leaf and has been produced in collaboration with the craftswoman from Els Reguers, Spain.
Cordill Marc Monzo

Part of the article about the exhibition "Multiples" at Gallery So, by Glenn Adamson for Crafts Council.
Complete article at the Crafts Council website.

"...Though it opened only a year ago, Gallery SO already seems essential to London's crafts scene. This is mainly because nothing shown there is easy to like. Indeed, with its improbable location and wilfully difficult offerings, the gallery seems more like a conceptual art gesture than a commercial enterprise. Especially when the gallery appears at the Crafts Council's Collect fair, they stick out from the run of objets d'art like a sore thumb, or perhaps a Dada poet ranting away in the corner of a posh café. Fortunately there is a (small) audience and even a fiercely loyal clientele for this kind of thing. But it nonetheless feels fragile, quixotic..."

"...Peter Bauhuis contributed tiny castings of lint in precious metal – £135 worth of gold that a friend might try to helpfully flick off your jumper. Marc Monzó did a set of rubbings using an 18-carat gold pencil, which left the barest of traces on the paper: a nicely judged work about the value of materials. Hans Stofer unexpectedly abandoned his usual found objects, and instead fabricated a series of giant-sized Swiss drawing pins. By absurdly aggrandizing this trivial artefact, he encouraged us to notice the brilliance of its design. Manon van Kouswijk's contribution was particularly on-point: a set of necklaces made of nothing but string and paper stickers, of the kind that galleries use to mark a piece as 'sold' on opening night..."

Works exhibited in "Le Bon Marché Paris" in the context of "Oona at Galerie Imaginaire".
X earrings Marc Monzó

X earrings. 18k gold.
X earrings Marc Monzó

From now on represented in Melbourne, Australia, by Gallery Funaki.



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